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                              Technical support : Zhang Gong





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                              Add:1503, Building D , Huilongda Industrial Area, Shilongzai, Shiyan Street In Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
                              Name: Mobile phone micro drop tester GC-215
                              Type: Mechanical durability reliability test series
                              Item: GC-215


                              This machine is used to test the torsion test of mobile phone. PLC and HMT control system are used. Torsion value can be set to test the life of the number of torsion times, to see if the function of the mobile phone is normal, count the number of positive and negative reversals one time. Touch screen display and display is easy to operate. Meet YD/T 1539-2006 standard. The mobile handset is not packaged, equipped with matching batteries, and fixed on the twist tester without power supply. Each end holds 15m M. The maximum torque is not more than 2N.m, and the minimum torque is not less than 0.5N.m. Clockwise twisting and counterclockwise twisting are interlaced one time each. The frequency is 15-30 times per minute, altogether 500 times of twisting, and then taken off. Function, appearance and assembly testing should meet the requirements of the relevant standards, folding, sliding and rotating structure of the handset, should be in its closing state under the test.

                              Two, technical parameters:

                              1. test station: 1.

                              2. times of rotation: 5-20 times

                              3. torque setting range: 0-10Nm\

                              4. AC servo motor: 220V/750W

                              5. machine overall size: 590*410*530mm

                              6. power supply: AC220/50HZ

                              7. weight: About 35kg

                              8. twist to a certain angle of residence time: 1 seconds to 5 minutes.

                              Three, main configuration:

                              1. Panasonic touch screen: 1.

                              2. Panasonic PLC controller: 2

                              3. Panasonic servo motor and servo controller: 1 sets.

                              4. torsion sensor: 1

                              5. power display: 1

                              6. mobile phone twist fixture: 1 sets

                              Shenzhen Gaochuang Detection Equipment Co.,Ltd 粤icp备18151338号